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Industrial Spray FAQ

When applied, will the foam prevent condensation?

Yes, an appliance of approx 25mm (1″) will completely eliminate condensation on galvanise, single skin cladding and asbestos.

I have skylights. Can I leave them unsprayed?

Yes. However, as the risk of condensation from the skylights is high, we would recommend spraying them as well as the cladding.

What thickness can be sprayed?

Normally 20mm to 30mm is sufficient, but should temperature control be required, such as in vegetable stores or similar situations, up to 100mm can be applied.

Does the premises need to be empty?

As the foam application is similar to spraying paint, direct access is required underneath the substance. Our technician usually works from either a scaffold tower or hoist and empty floor space is necessary for the installation.

Can concrete wall be sprayed?

Practically any surface can be coated with polyurethane, concrete included.

Is it fire proof?

The foam is fire retardant certified to Bs 476 Part 7 1987.

Can the foam be painted?

Yes, the natural colour is a light yellow, but it can be painted or indeed power washed.

Is the foam closed cell?

Yes, unlike some other open cell foam on the market, the foam is a high performance closed cell foam.

How long does the application take?

Normally our installers can spray up to 250m2 per day.

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