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Graphite Bonded Bead FAQ

How is Bonded Bead Cavity Wall Insulation installed?

A series of 20mm holes (the size of a 20 cent coin) are drilled into the wall, at intervals of approximately one metre apart vertically and four meters horizontally. A specialist injection gun is then used to pressure-blow the insulating bead into the cavity between the walls.

As the beads pass through the injection gun, they are coated with a bonding agent that glues them together over the following 24 hours.

When the installation is complete the holes are made good with colour matched mortar, the site is left clean, tidy, and dust-free.

Why is Bonded Bead Insulation so effective?

EPS (expanded polystyrene) Bonded Beads are actually 98% air, making them one of the best naturally insulating materials available. They are completely inert and unaffected by moisture, which makes it an ideal material to insulate homes. Think how a polystyrene cup can keep your coffee warm for hours. EPS Bonded Beads do the same for your home.

Why are the beads bonded together?

The bonding agent creates a stable, continuous layer within the cavity, preventing any movement or sagging of the insulation over time and also any loss of bead if the walls are drilled at a later date.

How long does it take?

Bonded bead cavity wall insulation usually takes half a day, depending on the size of the property and how easy it is to access.

Do I have to prepare my property for the installation?

The technician who performs the installation will need access to all walls, including those with garages or conservatories attached to them. If you have any walls on a boundary, you should ask for your neighbours’ permission for the Technician to go on their property if necessary.

The drilling creates some vibration, so it would be sensible to remove ornaments on the external walls. It will also help the technician if there are no vehicles or objects close the walls that he needs to access.

Does the technician need to come inside?

Yes. He will need to make some checks both before and after installation.

I have a semi-detached house. Will beads be blown into my neighbour’s?

No. The technician will fit a cavity barrier at the party wall line.

When will my house feel warmer?

Immediately! The unique properties of bonded bead ensure that heat loss is greatly reduced as soon as the beads are installed. Your house will feel warmer and maintain a more even temperature throughout the whole day.

How long will the insulation last?

For the life of the building.

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