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Foam Spray Airtightness FAQ

Are surveys free?

Yes. All surveys are carried out by trained personnel and advice and quotations are without obligation.

Will Premier Insulations attend to any roof repairs required?

Yes. Our technicians will inspect and carry out remedial work where required prior to application of Roofbond.

How long does installation normally take?

Most jobs will usually be completed in less than one day, with little or no disruption.

Is Roofbond specified by architects?

Yes. Our system is regularly specified for roofs by architects, councils, etc.

Is Roofbond safe in the event of fire?

Roofbond is fire retardant and is certified to DIN-2-A.

Are there any fumes or smells after installation?


Is Roofbond available nationwide?

Yes. Premier Insulations operates throughout the 32 counties.

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