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House Insulation In Ireland

Premier Insulations have over 30 years experience in the delivery of home insulation retrofit measures in Ireland.
Premier specialise in cavity fill insulation for both exiting homes and new built homes whom want to get it right from the start.

So your considering wall insulation for a new home you are constructing . You will have many choices and different architects will have varying opinions as to the best methodology of wall insulation. Most new homes with the exception of IFC homes will be built with a cavity. Some arcitects will specify a board type insulation be it polystyrene board or polyurethane board. This is typically supplied in 4 x 2 sheets is very expensive and difficult to install properly especially when it comes to joining corners etc. Builders generally do not like board for a variety of reasons mainly because it is bulky for storage , difficult to install, and incurs a lot of cut offs and waste. Other building systems will include constructing a hollow block wall and erecting a steel stud system internally and fitting board in between before finally fitting a gypsum board and skimming out.

The next option , the easiest option and the option makes most sense is to construct your cavity wall and install blown platinum bead prior to plastering. The benefits are obvious: No storage of board on site , no risk of the insulation been fitted improperly by block layers who have received no training or certification in fitting board.

Absolutely no wastage , installed by NSAI Certified insulation company’s who are fully trained in the process. The u-value which you require can be easily achieved by predetermining the width of the cavity at either 100mm /150mm, 200mm or for passive homes 250/300mm. The most common cavity width is 150mm which when filled with platinum bead achieve a u-value of .019.

So for your next project contact the experts . Premier Insulations. Your in safe hands.

Best attic insulation

Premier insulations have been installing attic insulation in both new build and retrofit for over 30 years . So what is the best type of attic insulation is best for my home, the answer is there is no best type, it is what is the most suitable type of attic insulation for the particular project in mind.

We must remember that when dealing with say domestic homes there are various build types which require a different approach in terms of insulation. Whilst the end objective is always the same of achieving the best thermal values the type of insulation fitted will very. Take for instance a dormer type property , the insulation here is extremely important as the upper living areas are very vulnerable to heat loss in the winter and overheating in the Summer. We would always recommend a Sprayfoam type insulation here preferable a certified product such as PurAcell and applying the Sprayfoam from the eaves or wall plate up to and across the collar ties and down to the wall plate on the opposite side providing a complete airtight seal to the full roof structure . Prior to spraying a ventilation card should be fitted to the underside of the roof membrane allowing a 50 mm gap for the provision of ventilation . Adequate vents should be fitted at soffit level to provide a continuous 250mm air flow up behind the vent card and migrating through vent tiles fitted above the collar ties at high level.

This system ensure that the habitable area of the house benefits from superior insulation and air tightness whilst the roof is breathing naturally ensuring no stagnant build up of air pockets and ensuring longevity of the roof structure.

Always ensure that Sprayfoam systems are not only nsai certified but installed by a registered and certified company. Premier Insulations are industry leaders in the supply and installation of all attic insulation systems. Avoid cold winters and overheating in the summer!

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