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What’s new in Premier Insulations

Premier Insulations are delighted to announce their success in their recent tender for the SEAI Better Energy Warmer Homes panel.

Premier were ranked number one in the Lot A for the installation of retrofit insulation and ventilation measures as installed under the SEAI better Energy warmer Homes Scheme. Premier Have been involved in the delivery of warmer homes under this scheme for the past seven years and have built a successful relationship with SEAI in delivering upgrades to fuel poverty homes throughout the length and breath of Ireland.

What are Fuel poverty homes: These are homeowners who struggle to buy adequate fuel for their homes throughout the winter months and may be on state aids such as fuel allowance etc. There are certain criteria’s to be met to be eligible for the scheme and ownership of your home is the main one. Also the home must be built prior to 2006 when insulation of homes was not of great standards compared to that required today.
SEAI was charged with improving the standard of insulation in Irish homes right throughout the Island of Ireland and recently additional deep retrofit measures were added to the upgrades to include internal drylining , external insulation , heating controls and boiler replacement.

All of these measures undertaken in homes through various government led schemes will help the Irish government to reach their targets as outlined under various world organisation agreements and obligation to reduce carbon emmissions by 2020. There are a lot of various grants available to fuel poverty homes of which some are 100% funded others are partially funded and also schemes available for industrial , commercial and institution buildings.

All details relating to these grants and general information on energy upgrades can be found on the SEAI website.

So remember if your home is cold , hard to heat or energy inefficient contact Premier insulations at Freephone 1800646410 and we will help you with your grant application and advice.

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