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Today Friday the 19th December we have our Attic Insulation Teams installing Attic Insulation in homes in Birr in Co Offaly and Ballinasloe in Co Galway.

We also have our Cavity Wall Insulation Teams installing Cavity Wall Insulation in houses in Bagnalstown and Sleaty in Co Carlow.

If you are living in Offaly, Galway, Carlow or anywhere in Ireland and would like to learn how cavity wall insulation and attic insulation can save money on your heating bills this winter simply call us on 1800 64 64 10 or fill in the form on the right and we will arrange for one of our home insulation experts to conduct a free home insulation survey.

We provide a nationwide service and are the leading Home Insulation Company in Ireland.

Our friendly team can even help you with your home insulation grant.

Insulation in Tipperary and Kildare

We’re installing insulation in homes in both Tipperary and Kildare, as we continue to bring top-class cavity wall insulation and attic insulation to customers across the country.

In Tipperary, we’re at work in historic Cashel, while in Kildare, we’re laying attic insulation in a house in Naas.

We really rack up the miles as we add to our ever-growing list of satisfied customers all over Ireland, and we can come to your home too, to bring you all the benefits of cavity wall insulation and attic insulation. We can even help with your Home Insulation Grant application, to get things started!

Just call us at 1800 64 64 10 or use our Contact Us form to learn more.

Premier Insulations and cavity wall insulation extraction

As providers and contractors of cavity wall insulation for over thirty years premier insulations recently realised there was a big gap in the market for extracting poor performing cavity wall insulation which had failed in performance over the years and was not providing the thermal insulation as initially intended.

Homeowners may ask why would cavity wall insulation if installed properly by a professional company fail To continue to do its work by enhancing the thermal properties of the walls . The logical answer is that there are many reasons cavity wall insulation may need to be extracted from homes and I list the most popular reasons as follows:

  • Poor installation practices by unprofessional companies
  • Degeneration of the insulation caused by unusual forces such as unusually excessive penetration of dampness through the external leaf
  • Insulation material installed at wrong densities particularly prone to fibre product
  • Older insulation products with poor thermal values compared to those available today
  • Loss of insulation material through extending or demolition .

These plus other factors determine homeowners decision to have existing cavity wall insulation removed and we at Premier Insulations are the experts when this service is required.

We have developed the technology to safety and completely remove poor performing cavity wall insulation without any damage or loss of integrity to the walls of the property. Premier Insulations have completed over 50 extraction in the last two years and are fast becoming recognised in the industry as the market leaders in cavity wall insulation and cavity insulation extraction.

Premier Insulations have in excess of thirty years experience in the home insulation industry and provides a comprehensive nationwide service throughout Ireland . Premier Insulation also offer sprayed foam insulation for new and existing buildings using both the PurAcell open cell foam system and the PurAcell 2000 closed cell system .

Premier Insulations provide a one stop shop for cavity wall insulation , attic insulation , sprayed foam insulation and cavity wall insulation extraction

Heating and insulation in the home

many homeowners when considering either upgrading or building a home are aware that heating their home will be a very expensive running. Cost over the years of occupancy. The common mistake is focussing on the actual heating system rather than allowing an equally amount of research and money in how they are going to insulate their home. I often say that you can heat a field if you put in enough heaters to do so, however as you will probably instantly agree a field would be very quickly clod again once the heat source was switched off .

Your home is the same, whilst the source of your heat and the cost is very important , it is much more important to retain that expensive heat within the habitable area of the house when you remove or turn of the heat source. As we move towards passive homes the importance of really good insulation is becoming more and more important.

For example; an A rated home which would have really good insulation, a top class heating and ventilation recovery system and first class air tightness would have no heat loss and require no traditional heating system as we know it. We cannot all build A rated homes but we can take steps to deep retrofit our existing homes and dramatically improve our energy efficiency whilst reducing our carbon footprint and saving money in the process.

Typical measures which are relatively inexpensive to install are, cavity wall insulation, attic insulation, heating controls and energy saving lightening. We can also be more vigilant in running our homes by switching off lights, turning down our thermostats by even one degree and having showers instead of baths. We in Ireland have not been particularly good at playing our part in a voluntary capacity to reduce carbon emissions and with a little better housekeeping by everyone we can play our part and enjoy monetary saving whilst doing so .

Learn more about Premier Insulation Services

Premier Insulations are widely experienced in delivering a wide range of insulation upgrades to homeowners both privately and through a range of energy saving schemes provide predominantly by SEAI ( Sustainable Energy authority Of Ireland ).
The most popular energy saving improvements carried out are cavity wall insulation and attic insulation. Cavity wall insulation is advisable in all home with cavities build prior to 2006 and back to around 1970 when cavity walls construction superseded solid concrete or hollow block type walls. The cavities were empty up to around 1980 when building regulation required that 25mm areoboard be installed at construction stage to improve the energy efficiency of the walls. This was revisited circa 1988 when the requirement was revised to 40mm and again in 1994 the minimum required standard was 60mm.

In 2006 new building regulations were implemented which meant the required u-values could not be achieved with areoboard and there was a switch over to polyurethane boards as produced by Kingspan and others. A recommendation was made by those in the department, seai and other interested bodies that homes build with cavity walls prior to 2006 where the preferred method of cavity insulation be revisited and residual cavities pumped with platinum bonded bead to increase the thermal efficiencies. As a result of this government led initiate thousands of homes have and are benefitting from energy upgrades right across the island of Ireland .

Attic insulation upgrades were also part of the initiate and 300mm minimum install was required together with ancillary works such as pipe insulation , raised walkways , hatch insulation and draught proofing . The better energy homes and better energy warmer homes programmes are respectively grant aided or fully grant funded and have been widened to deep retrofit measures over. The last few years to include external wall insulation , internal wall insulation , windows and doors and heating upgrades and controls .
All this reduces Ireland’s co2 emissions , helps to provide a cleaner greener Ireland and protects our future generations against the damaging consequences of global warming.

Premier Insulations History

Premier Insulations were initially set up by Brendan O’Carroll in 1984 in response to a niche in the market for a good quality draught proofing system for timber windows and doors. In the 1970’s and 80’s doors and windows which were installed the ‘the bungalow bliss’ era were predominantly made for teak timber which invariable was not properly kiln dried resulting in the timber warping as it dried out and resulting in large gaps between the window / door frames and the sash or door. The result was very draught windows and doors. Premier Insulation commenced life under the name of Draught Proofing Systems’ and primarily offered a Nationwide service draught proofing these timber windows and doors.

The system itself was quite a simple one which was applying a bead of specific type silicone around the window or door frame rebate, A releasing agent was applied to the corresponding door or sash area and the door window closed against the silicone. The excess which was squeezed out was allowed to semi solidity before being cleaned off flush. The result was a custom made seal for each window opening which varied in thickness to match that of the gap. The system though very simple was very effective and completely eliminated the draughts. A clear silicone bead was applied all around the window frame and below and over the window board.

Draught Proofing Systems had a number of vans on the road with two man crews installing the product for many years. However as time moved on gradually the aluminium and PVC market took a hold and the demand for draught proofing services diminished. At this stage the company decided to look at home improvement services allied to their current offering and cavity wall insulation appeared ton be a nice fit as the benefits of filling empty cavities dawned on homeowners and builders alike.

The company changed its name to the more inclusive Premier Insulations in 1994 and incorporated in 1999. Today Premier Insulations offer a wide range of services including cavity wall insulation, attic insulation, sprayfoam insulation and sound proofing.

You can learn more about Premier Insulations in our about us page.

Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction Service

Whilst cavity wall insulation is always worthwhile and adds value to your home in terms of comfort and value , there are sometimes good reasons to have the insulation extracted. Some of the reasons may be for instance poor workmanship at the insulation filling process leaving gaps in the insulation and leading to cold spots on the inner leaf manifesting in mild dew or black spots.

It may be that the insulation has been in the cavity for a long time and was originally a poor quality product which has fissured or diminished in effectiveness over a period and is of little value in terms of heat retention in the home. There is also the reason that the products on the market at the time of installation were than fit for purpose but have been superseded by more effective products due to continuing research and development within the industry.

Many homeowners believe that once the cavities have been filled as a retrofit measure no further improvements can be made in the event of the insulation becoming obsolete or ineffective. This was indeed the case up until about three years ago when technology became available for the removal of ineffective foams / wools / beads and other insulation materials. It is now becoming quite common for homeowners to engage competent contractors to remove the existing cavity wall insulation and replace it with high performance bonded beads or foams.

Premier insulations can offer this service and with 30 years plus experience in installing various types of cavity fill who is more experienced to analyse what existing insulation is in your cavity walls , to remove same safely and efficiently and refill with platinum bonded beads. Premier Insulations have already carried out numerous extractions throughout the length and breath of Ireland and you can be assured you are dealing with a highly reputable and respected company for your cavity fill or insulation extraction works.

Bonded beads or Foamfill

Premier insulations offer two types of cavity insulation for filling empty cavities typically that of a new build or homes constructed prior to 1980 which had empty cavities. The two products are Certainfill platinum bonded beads and Foamfill premier pressurised injected foam . Because the thermal conductivity of both products are pretty similar , bonded bead is usually the best choice for empty cavities as the cost is less than that of the Foamfillpremier system.

Bonded beads are injected through predrilled holes at a specific pattern and very little pressure is used other than that to blow the beads through the delivery hoses and into the cavity, because the cavity is empty the beads easily fill the cavity without any problem. Cavities in new build properties tend to be six or even eight inches wide nowadays so very good thermal values can be achieved with the bead system.

The story is somewhat different when you are retrofitting cavities that had areoboard or similar fitted whilst under construction. Quite frequently this board will be poorly fitted and may be ‘bellied out ‘ in places where the mortar joints were not cleaned on the cavity side . These mortar snots can keep the board out from the inner leaf reducing the residual cavity significantly which would seriously impede the flow of bead which requires a minimum of 40mm for dispersion . Foamfill is the ideal solution for filling these type of cavities as the foam is injected into the cavity under 140lbs pressure , the foam texture is similar to shaving foam and the high pressure ensures it completely fill and seals the entire cavity. The Foamfill performs particularly well in filling the corners where the areoboard may have been poorly joined leaving large u insulated gaps and cold spots.
Foamfill can improve the thermal performance of the walls by up to 300%.

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On The Road with Premier Insulations

How to get home insulation grants

We’re always asked ‘how much will cavity wall insulation/attic insulation’ cost me?’ – and our answer is ‘less than you probably think’.

That’s because there’s grant aid available towards the cost of it. ALL homes built prior to 2006 are eligible for home insulation grants from the SEAI.

We are proud to also announce that, as Energy Efficiency Partners with Electric Ireland, we can also offer ADDITIONAL grant savings ON TOP of the SEAI grant.

This could mean TOTAL SAVINGS OF UP TO 50% on your cavity wall insulation and attic insulation. They’re savings that are being made today by customers in Donnabate (Dublin) and Athy (Kildare), as we carry out cavity wall insulation in both places.

We’ll explain the whole grant process to you and we can even help you fill out the application form. Just call us at 1800 64 64 10 or use our Contact Us form to get in touch.

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On The Road with Premier Insulations

Cavity Wall Insulation using PurAcell Spray Foam Insulation

Hello and welcome to the area where Premier Insulations keeps you in touch with where we are in the country each day and what sort of home insulation projects we have for today.

Today we have 2 teams in Co. Kildare. The first will be in Kilcullen doing a cavity wall insulation and the second will be in Naas also doing a cavity wall insulation. Both clients have taken advantage of the SEAI warmer homes scheme and both are getting the Bead cavity wall insulation.

We have a third team in Mallow, Co. Cork today and they too are performing a cavity wall insulation in Cork but this team will be using the spray foam insulation.

Save Heat! Save Money! Save Environment! Insulate!!!

We have 2 more teams out today in Athy Co. Kildare and Mageney Co.Kildare who are both getting Attic Insulation and Soffit Insulation and both clients have been able to use the SEAI warmer homes grants also.

Like I say every time if you see one of our teams doing home insulation and you do have an insulation query please do approach and ask them.They are more than happy to help.

If you have any questions about the insulation grants then please click here.

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