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Bonded beads or Foamfill

Premier insulations offer two types of cavity insulation for filling empty cavities typically that of a new build or homes constructed prior to 1980 which had empty cavities. The two products are Certainfill platinum bonded beads and Foamfill premier pressurised injected foam . Because the thermal conductivity of both products are pretty similar , bonded bead is usually the best choice for empty cavities as the cost is less than that of the Foamfillpremier system.

Bonded beads are injected through predrilled holes at a specific pattern and very little pressure is used other than that to blow the beads through the delivery hoses and into the cavity, because the cavity is empty the beads easily fill the cavity without any problem. Cavities in new build properties tend to be six or even eight inches wide nowadays so very good thermal values can be achieved with the bead system.

The story is somewhat different when you are retrofitting cavities that had areoboard or similar fitted whilst under construction. Quite frequently this board will be poorly fitted and may be ‘bellied out ‘ in places where the mortar joints were not cleaned on the cavity side . These mortar snots can keep the board out from the inner leaf reducing the residual cavity significantly which would seriously impede the flow of bead which requires a minimum of 40mm for dispersion . Foamfill is the ideal solution for filling these type of cavities as the foam is injected into the cavity under 140lbs pressure , the foam texture is similar to shaving foam and the high pressure ensures it completely fill and seals the entire cavity. The Foamfill performs particularly well in filling the corners where the areoboard may have been poorly joined leaving large u insulated gaps and cold spots.
Foamfill can improve the thermal performance of the walls by up to 300%.

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