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Premier Insulations History

Premier Insulations were initially set up by Brendan O’Carroll in 1984 in response to a niche in the market for a good quality draught proofing system for timber windows and doors. In the 1970’s and 80’s doors and windows which were installed the ‘the bungalow bliss’ era were predominantly made for teak timber which invariable was not properly kiln dried resulting in the timber warping as it dried out and resulting in large gaps between the window / door frames and the sash or door. The result was very draught windows and doors. Premier Insulation commenced life under the name of Draught Proofing Systems’ and primarily offered a Nationwide service draught proofing these timber windows and doors.

The system itself was quite a simple one which was applying a bead of specific type silicone around the window or door frame rebate, A releasing agent was applied to the corresponding door or sash area and the door window closed against the silicone. The excess which was squeezed out was allowed to semi solidity before being cleaned off flush. The result was a custom made seal for each window opening which varied in thickness to match that of the gap. The system though very simple was very effective and completely eliminated the draughts. A clear silicone bead was applied all around the window frame and below and over the window board.

Draught Proofing Systems had a number of vans on the road with two man crews installing the product for many years. However as time moved on gradually the aluminium and PVC market took a hold and the demand for draught proofing services diminished. At this stage the company decided to look at home improvement services allied to their current offering and cavity wall insulation appeared ton be a nice fit as the benefits of filling empty cavities dawned on homeowners and builders alike.

The company changed its name to the more inclusive Premier Insulations in 1994 and incorporated in 1999. Today Premier Insulations offer a wide range of services including cavity wall insulation, attic insulation, sprayfoam insulation and sound proofing.

You can learn more about Premier Insulations in our about us page.

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