The Name You Can Trust | Est. 1984

Premier Insulation in the Premier County

We call ourselves Premier Insulation and Tipperary calls itself the Premier County, so it’s a match made in heaven whenever we get the call to make a trip to Tipp!

That’s exactly what we’re doing today, as we bring attic insulation to a home near Nenagh, and cavity wall insulation to a new build home on the outskirts of Thurles.

We guarantee we’ll be doing a Premier job!

We’ll bring the same levels of expertise and satisfaction to you though, no matter where you are in Ireland – you wouldn’t expect anything less from the country’s leading home insulation company. Just call us at 1800 64 64 10 or use our Contact Us form to find out more about cavity wall insulation, attic insulation, and everything else we do, and the benefits we can bring to your home.

We’ll even help with your Home Insulation Grant application, to make everything even more affordable.

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