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Keep the chill out

If December was about storms and rain, then January is turning into a month of freezing temperatures and frost, as we’re seeing again this morning.

That means that proper and efficient home insulation is now really coming into its own in all places where it is already installed, while anyone getting it installed now will really see major and immediate benefits.

For example, today we’re at a house in Athy, Co Kildare, to lay attic insulation there. The householders will be guaranteed to enjoy a warmer house tonight than they did last night, as up to 25% extra heat will stay in the house instead of disappearing through the roof.

That’s just one example of how our cavity wall insulation and attic insulation systems can make a difference. To find out more, just call us at 1800 64 64 10 or use our Contact Us form to get in touch.

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