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Insulation retrofitting

The Irish  Government is committed to meeting obligations in reduction of carbon emissions and generous budgets have been allocated over the next number of years for the retrofitting of domestic homes and the focus particularly on deep retrofit . Over the last ten years or so all the low hanging fruit of cavity wall and attic insulation has more or less been achieved at relatively low cost and now attention has turned to deep retrofit which is more difficult and expensive . The term deep retrofit refers to one visit to the home and carrying out as many measures as possible to greatly enhance the energy performance of the home . Deep retrofit includes measures such as external insulation for older homes with stone or solid concrete walls together with cavity block construction which was used predominantly in the Dublin area as a construction method in the nineties and later. Other deep measures are dry lining , heating upgrades with controls and cavity fill . The installation of these deep measures require adequate ventilation been provided and this is provided by way of hit and miss room vents , permanent ventilation together with mechanical ventilation for kitchens and wet rooms . It is expected that thousands of Irish homes will benefit from these retrofits over the coming years with fuel poverty homes receiving 100% grant assistance under the seat better energy warmer homes scheme and generous partial grants for other homeowners under the seai better energy homes grants .currently the seai are heavily advertising these grants to encourage homeowners to make the move , avail of the grant incentives and upgrade their homes to improve the energy efficiency of their homes resulting in a more comfortable living environment whilst enjoying the benefits of lower fuel bills .retrofitting your home makes a lot of sense and everyone should play their part in this national effort to play our part in the worldwide drive to reduce carbon emissions and  make the world a better place for future generations.

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