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Foam Fill FAQ

What is Foam Fill?

Foam Fill is a high performance semi-liquid material for the purpose cavity fill insulation.

How is it installed?

Trained installation personnel drill a series of small holes in the external walls of the building. The foam, which resembles shaving foam, is injected under 120 lbs of pressure. It fills the cavity completely and then solidifies to form a rigid thermal barrier. The result, a much warmer, comfortable and energy efficient home.

How long does installation take?

Usually, the average home is fully insulated in less that one day. All the work is completed from the exterior with no fuss or disruption for the household.

Is Foam Fill better than bead?

Foam Fill is a very high performing insulation system. The U-Value of .24 is achievable in a 100mm cavity which exceeds the performance of glass wool or polystyrene beads.

My house already has 1 inch board insulation in the cavity. Can I fill the remainder of the cavity?

Yes. Foam Fill is ideal for topping up existing cavity wall insulation. The foam injected under 120 lbs of pressure forces the existing board insulation tight to the inner leaf and fills the remainder of the cavity. Improvements of up to 200% can be achieved in thermal performance.

What happens if I take out windows or cut an opening in the wall?

That is no problem, because the foam solidified to form a rigid insulation, no damage is caused by removing windows/doors or other renovations post-installation.

Are there other benefits of Foam Fill?

Yes. Unlike polystyrene bead, Foam Fill is fire retardant, rot proof and will not sustain fungi or mould growth.

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