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Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction Service

Whilst cavity wall insulation is always worthwhile and adds value to your home in terms of comfort and value , there are sometimes good reasons to have the insulation extracted. Some of the reasons may be for instance poor workmanship at the insulation filling process leaving gaps in the insulation and leading to cold spots on the inner leaf manifesting in mild dew or black spots.

It may be that the insulation has been in the cavity for a long time and was originally a poor quality product which has fissured or diminished in effectiveness over a period and is of little value in terms of heat retention in the home. There is also the reason that the products on the market at the time of installation were than fit for purpose but have been superseded by more effective products due to continuing research and development within the industry.

Many homeowners believe that once the cavities have been filled as a retrofit measure no further improvements can be made in the event of the insulation becoming obsolete or ineffective. This was indeed the case up until about three years ago when technology became available for the removal of ineffective foams / wools / beads and other insulation materials. It is now becoming quite common for homeowners to engage competent contractors to remove the existing cavity wall insulation and replace it with high performance bonded beads or foams.

Premier insulations can offer this service and with 30 years plus experience in installing various types of cavity fill who is more experienced to analyse what existing insulation is in your cavity walls , to remove same safely and efficiently and refill with platinum bonded beads. Premier Insulations have already carried out numerous extractions throughout the length and breath of Ireland and you can be assured you are dealing with a highly reputable and respected company for your cavity fill or insulation extraction works.

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