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Cavity Extraction Service

Cavity Extraction is a term for the removal of poorly fitted or defective insulation from the cavity wall of existing homes and buildings.

Most homes insulated in the 1970s and 1980s were insulated with inferior insulation products such as

  • mineral wool.
  • glass fibre
  • white loosely filled polystyrene bead

These inferior insulation products have failed in most cases, causing problems including

  • water absorption
  • settlement
  • shrinkage
inferior insulation product
Inferior Insulation Product

This can result in large areas of the cavity walls having no insulation at all, resulting in significant heat loss, colder homes and higher fuel bills.

The Solution to inefficient cavity wall insulation materials

Premier Insulations can remove inefficient cavity wall insulation materials with our Cavity Extraction Service. This unique solution is carried out by Premier Insulations by a highly-trained team using tools and equipment especially designed for the works.

Premier Insulations can quickly and effectively remove inferior insulation product from the cavity with the minimum of disturbance to either the structure or the homeowner. Most extractions are completed within one day.

Inferior Insulation Product Removel
Inferior Insulation Product Removel
Clean, Clear Cavity
Clean, Clear Cavity

On completion of the cavity extraction, a Boroscope examination is carried out to ensure the cavity is completely clean. A certificate of cleanliness is then provided to the homeowner.

The cavity can then be refilled with Platinum Bonded Beads, which are installed by our fully trained operatives. The works are carried out in compliance with NSAI Certificate 0168 /

Fully Trained operatives

30 years of Insulation Experience

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