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Attic Insulation FAQ

What are the current requirements for attic insulation?

Building regulations require a U-value of 16 in the attic. This is achieved by installing 300mm of ‘Ecopink’ blown glass wool.

I have about 4″ of fibreglass already in the attic. Can this be topped up?

Yes. The mineral wool can be blown in on top of the existing attic insulation to an overall depth of 300mm (12″).

I have some recessed lighting in the attic. Can I cover these?

No. The recessed low voltage lights must be sleeved. Our attic installation team can put isolation cylinders over the lights, which protects them from overheating.

Should my water tank be lagged?

Yes. Our installers can supply and fit a specially designed lagging jacket, which is fitted around and on top of the water tank.

Some of my attic is floored. What should I do?

Prior to attic insulation, the flooring should be taken up and stored goods removed. As most joists are about 5″ high and the required depth for the insulation is 12″, the flooring should not be refitted as compressing the insulation renders it ineffective. Alternately the flooring should be raised 6″ prior to installation and the insulation blown under it.

How long does the process take?

The average attic insulation can be completed in about 2 hours.

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