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A seaside trip in December

We’re off to the seaside village of Fethard-on-Sea in County Wexford today – but it’s for cavity wall insulation and attic insulation work, rather than a swim!

We’re doing both in a home that has spectacular views out over historic Hook Head and which is a beautiful place to be during Summer, but is quite exposed to the elements during Winter. It means that heating efficiency is of the utmost importance there, so by having cavity wall insulation and attic insulation installed, the householders will see up some 50 per cent more heat retained in their home.

Those same great benefits are available to you too, no matter where you live – by the seaside or inland, in Wexford or any other county. Just call us at 1800 64 64 10 or use our Contact Us form for more information. Remember to ask for advice with your Home Insulation Grant application, to help pay for any work you may have carried out.

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