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On The Road with Premier Insulations

Cavity Wall Insulation using PurAcell Spray Foam Insulation

Hello and welcome to the area where Premier Insulations keeps you in touch with where we are in the country each day and what sort of home insulation projects we have for today.

Today we have 2 teams in Co. Kildare. The first will be in Kilcullen doing a cavity wall insulation and the second will be in Naas also doing a cavity wall insulation. Both clients have taken advantage of the SEAI warmer homes scheme and both are getting the Bead cavity wall insulation.

We have a third team in Mallow, Co. Cork today and they too are performing a cavity wall insulation in Cork but this team will be using the spray foam insulation.

Save Heat! Save Money! Save Environment! Insulate!!!

We have 2 more teams out today in Athy Co. Kildare and Mageney Co.Kildare who are both getting Attic Insulation and Soffit Insulation and both clients have been able to use the SEAI warmer homes grants also.

Like I say every time if you see one of our teams doing home insulation and you do have an insulation query please do approach and ask them.They are more than happy to help.

If you have any questions about the insulation grants then please click here.

Open post
On The Road with Premier Insulations

Coldest August in a long time makes you think ahead! Insulate!

Apologies for no new posts last week but we were just so snowed under with work I didn’t have 10 minutes to myself. The amount of people who are thinking ahead and getting their insulating done before the real cold kicks in has really increased. I suppose that’s down to the fact that this has to be the coldest August in a long time.

Anyway I know you are reading this just to see what jobs we have on today and in what parts of the country we will be in.

Our first team will be performing a cavity wall insulation project using Bead Insulation in Athgarvan, Co. Kildare.

We have a second team in Robertstown, Kildare also doing a cavity wall insulation but this team are using the BioFoam insulation.

Fact – Insulation provides additional benefits such as soundproofing or increased fire resistance.

Our last team of the day are in Bray, Co Wicklow where they also will be performing a cavity wall insulation using the bead insulation.

None of our clients today have obtained the SEAI warmer homes grant but if you would like to see how to be eligible for an SEAI warmer homes grant please click here.

Our New Website is Live!

Welcome to our new website!

We hope you will find it informative and easy to navigate. We would love to get your feedback about its functionality and regardless any information you were expecting to find here and yet it’s missing!

We always strive to do better!

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your suggestions and thoughts.

Kind Regards
Premier Insulations Team

And remember – Insulate! It Makes Sense!

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