9” Hollow Block Wall Insulation


Cavity Blocks, sometimes called 9 inch Hollow Blocks were sometimes used for the construction of dwelling houses and are particularly common in the greater Dublin area.

The reason cavity blocks were used was to reduce the construction costs as the builder only had to build one wall with cavity blocks as opposed to a standard cavity wall which consists of two walls built with solid blocks with a gap of 3-4 inches between them.

Hollow Block Insulation in process

The downside of a Cavity Block Wall

By their nature a cavity block wall is bridged every 7 to 9 inches. This leads to a high risk of

  • Dampness
  • Poor heat retention
  • Risk mildew
  • Risk mould growth appearing on the inner walls
  • Poor insulation
  • Low BER ratings reducing the value of your home

How to Insulate a Cavity Block Wall

If you could look down from the top of your cavity block wall you would see empty columns.

We simply drill 18mm holes into each column and inject urea Foam into each column.

Each column is filled fully with high density foam greatly enhancing the thermal value of the external walls.This is called exterior or external wall insulation.

It is important to note that whilst insulating cavity blocks the full wall area will not be insulated because of the bridging in the block-work. However a similar situation arises with dry lining as all area where internal walls meet the external and ceiling meets a upper floors remain uninsulated.

Premier Insulations are the leading Hollow Block Wall Insulation Company in Ireland. We have literally insulated thousands of hollow block walls in homes in every town in Ireland. So whether you live in Dublin or Durrow, Cork or Celbridge, we can insulate your hollow block walls to reduce your heating bills.

We have hollow block wall insulation surveyors in every county and we can easily arrange for your local surveyor to call around and give you a free, no obligation hollow block wall insulation survey and quote at a date and time that is convenient for you.

We can also introduce you to friends and neighbours living locally where we have insulated their hollow block walls so that you can check the quality of our work with people in your local area.

To learn how we can save you money on your energy bills with Hollow Block Wall Insulation simply contact us on 1800 64­ 64 10 or fill in our Free Quotation Form on the sidebar. One of our Home Insulation Experts will arrange a free Home Insulation Survey and no obligation Home Insulation Quotation.

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