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Foamfill Insulation

Foamfill Cavity Wall Insulation is the best choice if your home was built since circa 1980. Premier Insulations is one of the few home insulation companies in Ireland to offer the complete Foamfill Cavity Wall Insulation solution.

Foamfill Insulation Explained

Foamfill Cavity Wall Insulation is a system of injecting expanding foam into the cavity, using high-pressure specialist equipment.

It requires highly-trained expert staff and many other insulation companies do not make this investment or commitment to their customers.




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We at Premier Insulations, however, have been providing this service for years as part of our going dedication to clients and being recognised as Ireland’s leading home insulation company.

Foamfill is ideal for topping up existing aeroboard

Installing Wall Insulation

Installing Foamill  insulation systems is a straightforward process that won’t intrude on your family life or enjoyment of your home.

  • Our expert technicians drill a series of holes of 20mm diameter (about the size of a 20 cent coin) in the external walls of your home.
  • These holes are between one and two metres apart, both horizontally and vertically.
  • Our technicians then inject the Foamfill insulation system using high-tech specialist equipment.
  • They make good the holes, tidy up, and leave you to enjoy a warmer home! The work involved usually takes approximately half a day on an average-sized home, and is normally complete within a day on even much larger homes.

Why Choose Premier Insulations?

  • We were one of the first insulation companies in Ireland to offer Foamfill Insulation and so our experience cannot be beaten
  • We remain the market leaders at installing Foamfill Insulation, both efficiently and expertly
  • We offer expert help and advice at every step of the way
  • Member of NIAI (National Installers Association of Ireland)
  • ISO 9001 certified (Quality & Excellence certification)
  • ISO 14001 certified (Health & Safety Excellence certification)
  • ISO 18001 certified (Environmental Excellence certification)
  • Thousands of satisfied customers throughout Ireland
  • Professionally trained installation teams
  • Comprehensively insured workforce with full public and employers liability insurance

All of our Foamfill Wall Insulations meet with best practice standards and guideline.

Foamfill  Insulation is one of the few things you will buy and never see - so be sure you are buying from the best, and a company you can trust.

Premier Insulations are the leading Foamfill Insulation company in Ireland. We have insulated literally thousands of cavity walls in homes in every town in Ireland. So whether you live in Dublin or Douglas, Cork or Carlingford, we can insulate your cavity walls with Foamfill to reduce your heating bills.

We have insulation surveyors in every county and we can easily arrange for your local surveyor to call around and give you a free no-obligation insulation survey and quote.

We can also introduce you to friends and neighbours living locally where we have insulated their cavity walls with Foamfill so that you can check the quality of our work with people in your local area.

To get your free Premier Insulations Foamfill  Insulation survey and quotation or to learn how we can save you money on insulation and your energy bills, simply call us at 1800 64 64 10 or use our Contact Us form








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